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Personsalized data-driven trend insights

Trensition gives you the power to stay ahead in a world that is ever changing faster than before.

We provide personalized trend insights, tailored to your organization, industry and region.

We deliver decision power for your strategies and investment portfolios.

Trend insights

Analyze unique KPI’s and charts illustrating trend evolution, hypes, business impact and much more

Regions & Industries

Benchmark the trend maturity levels across worldwide regions and cross-industries

Company & Jobs

Discover leading companies, competitors maturity, interesting startups and new jobs to monitor

Case studies

Learn real life examples and use cases of applied trends in your business context

News and publications

Read tailored news items, science publications and interesting news providers for you

Long term forecast

Forecast the day after tomorrow, learning about emerging technologies to watch in the future


see into the future!

Adopting or investing in emerging technologies is all about making the right decisions at the right time.

This requires detailed insights in the dynamics of technological evolution.
You need to be able to answer questions such as:

    • How fast is an emerging technology impacting my industry or my region?
    • Is it a hype or do I need to start investing?
    • Who are the early adopters and innovators?
    • What are competitors doing?
    • Which startups are interesting?
    • What kind of human resources do I need to adopt a certain emerging technology?
    • Which technologies are converging?
    • ...
We deliver that valuable knowledge and guide you.

“TRENSITION provided me the specific technology trend insights I needed. Their data and charts gave the details about the technologies that are likely to impact my customers' business context. Their data-driven approach is much more transparent and accurate than anything I've seen in the market. "

Vincent Defour, Digital strategy & innovation consultant
Think ahead of the market and stay front runner in your industry

Who uses Trensition

Innovation managers

Innovation managers need to act fast. They need to know how trends are evolving, how to invest,  which partners they can collaborate with and not to miss out and loose competitive advantage.

Trend Watchers

Trend watchers not only spot the trends but determine if they are here to stay. A trend watcher also knows how to distinguish a hype from a trend. They need to look at the past and present.

Business Consultants

Business consultants need to be front runners when it comes to innovation. They need to know first how trends are impacting their customers and  how they can innovate their services to support this changing business context.

Strategy managers

Strategy managers need to prepare for the day after tomorrow. They need to know when, where and how trends are impacting their business so they can take well-informed strategic decisions and actions.

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Who we are

Trensition is a trend analytics and forecasting company that builds upon a new, data-driven and 100% quantitative methodology.

Our in-house developed engines are able to provide detailed and tailored trend insights in the blink of an eye. This way, Trensition puts an end to the expert-based, qualitative methodologies that have never proven their real value. Not convinced?

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