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Trend Radar

See what the maturity of a trend is at this point in time. We have 4 phases telling you something about the impact on your business :

  1. Innovation phase: Research is converted in patent creation
  2. Expectation phase: Discussed in popular media about science and technology., i..e. to what extent it creates expectations.
  3. Startup phase: Creation of new business
  4. Diffusion phase: Creation of prototypes, demonstrators, products, services, behaviors, business ...


We let you scan  relations and dependencies between different topics.

We describe to what extent a topic X1 of a certain type converges to topic X2 of the same type. For example TREND 1 is related to TREND 2

Other examples ar e.g. to what extent a topic X1 of a certain type is relevant in a topic X2 of another type (for example an industry, a region, an organisation).

Horizon scan

We help you scan the horizon applying our  data in the research process. We let you understand the trends, scan horizons for emerging trends and analysing their potential impacts. Our results are used for strategic planning, both structurally and in terms of multi-annual planning cycle and to inform strategy and policy.

Curated trend news

Today we all have too little time and there is just too much valuable information out there on a daily basis. Safe time and let us help you scanning for trends.

Let us know what trends you want to monitor, we deliver the articles, blogs, publications to you. Just tell us what your preferable trends are, we setup the filters and deliver the information

See your future.

 Before everyone else.

Industry Scan

Today’s nascent ecosystems are the building blocks for tomorrow’s industry sectors. Those who fail to rethink, and who remain fixed on industry silos are at risk of being left behind not just by customers, but also by investors.

We  allow your traditional business to go beyond the sector you are focusing (on). We  allow you to cross borders by letting you see which industries have similar trend evolutions.

Competitor Scan

Speed-to-market is key in a ever changing & fast economy

We let you continuously monitor your competitor's innovation activities. We can show you what they are doing within your trends of interest. We can inspire you and make sure you do not loose your competitive advantage.

Geography Scan

Innovation is happening all over the world.

The reality for global companies is that innovation isn't happening at the same pace everywhere. China's new normal is different that in Europe or the US.

As a company you need to know what innovation efforts and investments you need to make.

You need local trend radars giving you the pulse of a specific regions

Trensition analyzes millions of trend behavior signals from accross the web to analyze trend patterns

Where does our data come from

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Society, Economy and Politics
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